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Java EE developer


We are seeking a skilled and experienced Java EE developer to join our team for an exciting long-term project in the aviation industry. If you have a passion for aviation and a strong background in Java EE development, we want to hear from you!

Required skills

— at least 5 years experience in design and development of Java desktop applications (Java 8, JavaEE, Swing);

— Good Object Oriented Programming and Design skills;

— Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

— Strong communication skills, and good knowledge of English both spoken and written;

— Knowledge of external dependencies (e.g. Sabre, Altea)

— Understanding of infrastructure components and their configurations (e.g. ActiveMQ, IBM MQ, OracleDB, Apache Tomcat, Keycloak)


— Customization and generalization of the application for new customers 

— Adding new features based on the demand of new customers

— Code reviews

— Overview of internal and on-premise production environments and deployment processes

We offer

— Becoming a part of a friendly team;

— Creative, international projects;

— Competitive salary;

— Continuous personal development;

Project description

HubControl ensures smooth passenger journeys, reduces delay and misconnections, and improves airline on-time performance (OTP) by efficiently managing passenger connections during ground operations.

The airport turnaround plays a crucial role in flight operations as it significantly impacts the timeliness of your flight. It serves as a major determinant of whether your flight departs promptly or experiences delays. Efficiently reducing the time spent at the gate is of utmost importance, especially in bustling airports, as it enables airlines to maintain a continuous flow of aircraft operations. It is widely recognized that keeping an aircraft idle does not generate any revenue. Consequently, airlines have established highly refined and precisely coordinated procedures for the turnaround of aircraft.