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AZinec is a reliable engineering partner for custom software development.  We know how to build your next-generation digital product.

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Building apps that are easy to scale and continuously improve. Communication between the DB and the browser, app architecture, CI/CD, integrations, etc.


Flawless user experience on the client-side. Making sure that the website looks and feels outstanding. Javascript client-side applications, architecture, testing, and scaling.


Creating applications for two major mobile platforms – Android & iOS. We believe in hybrid mobile apps. Faster development, easy to maintain, tremendous growth


As an eCommerce experts, we develop tailored platforms that actually sell.  We help companies from Central and Eastern Europe to grow their revenue and scale their application to achieve more. Working alongside Virgo Systems, we built several webshops for customers like Telenor, Extreme digital, Epitoanyag, etc.

Airline IT

One of our favorite fields to work in . Such a responsibility and such an impact on the world. Fleet management, scheduling, in-flight entertainment systems, and flights optimization is always a massive challenge for the airline companies. We are happy that as a software development partner of Lufthansa systems, we are continuously creating smart solutions for airline companies.

What is nearshoring?

Work with a company that is geographically and culturally closer to your business.

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Career opportunities

  • PHP Symfony Developer Uzhhorod | Remote in Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Angular Developer Uzhhorod | Lviv | Kyiv | Remote in Ukraine

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