Nearshore web development in Ukraine

Our development offices are located in Ukraine, the country that is famous for its powerful software engineers. Transferring a part of the job can be risky and requires some extra management, but our onboarding process makes the transition and work roll smoothly and effectively. 

To succeed in this arena, everyone at AZinec needs and has the ability to engage spontaneously and authentically with our partners in English. It is easy to be in touch with us throughout the entire day.


In Uzhhorod

Our workflow

Ensure organizational fit
Establish a secure infrastructure
Assign dedicated Project Manager
Constantly collaborate with our partner on a daily basis
Organise meetings and monitor performance as well as stakeholder satisfaction

Our partners

You have a great idea

AZinec is a trusted nearshore partner for many companies in Central and Western Europe. Throughout the years, we have established a productive and collaborative approach.

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